• Tours and Activities
    • Do you have promo codes for tours and activities?

      Yes, if you book tours and activities online with Reykjavik Excursions (only tours organised by Reykjavik Excursions) on website www.re.is you can use promo code ALFREDS to get discount 5%

  • Other questions

    General questions about apartments and traveling in Iceland

    • Group bookings policies

      Bookings for 4 apartments or more are classified as Group bookings. According to our policies for Group bookings, we require a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total booking amount to be settled no later than three months prior to the scheduled arrival date. We will confirm the reservation upon receipt of the deposit. The remaining balance is due no later than 30 days before the scheduled arrival date.

    • Are pets allowed in your apartments?

      Pets are allowed in certain apartments. Please write in comments to your reservation if you will stay with pets.

    • Why does the hot water in Iceland sometimes smells like Sulphur? Is it normal?

      The hot water in Iceland has this smell of what is best described as “rotten eggs”. The reason is the geothermal water source which has traces of Sulphur. The smell will however not stick to you. People with Sulphur allergies should take extra care and perhaps consult with their doctors before travelling to Iceland.

    • Can I drink tap water in Iceland?

      Yes, the cold water is absolutely drinkable and delicious. You don’t need to buy water while you’re here! It is safe to drink tap water in Iceland.

    • Which type of power sockets / plugs you have in apartments?

      In Iceland the power plugs and sockets are of type F. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. This socket also works with plug C and plug E. If you are travelling from the countries using another type of plugs, we would recommend you to bring with you adapters. It is also possible to buy it in all tourist information offices, souvenir shops and supermarkets in Iceland.

    • Is there a daily housekeeping / cleaning included?

      As it is self-catering apartments, daily service / cleaning is not included. We can arrange cleaning during your stay by request. The price is EUR 30 per cleaning. It includes change of bed linen, towels and general cleaning.

  • Facilities
    • It it possible to add an extra bed to your apartment?

      We can add an extra bed (folding bed) only in some of our apartments:

      – One-Bedroom Apartment (Alfred’s Apartments)

      – Studio Apartment (basement) (Alfred’s Apartments)

      The price for an extra bed is EUR 20 per night. Please add request for extra bed to the comments field during the booking process. ​​

    • Do you have coffee maker and water boiler?

      Yes, in all our apartments we have electric coffee makers (Filtration Coffee Maker) and electric kettles. Paper filters for coffee maker are provided.

    • Is there an oven in the apartment?

      We have ovens only in One-Bedroom Apartments and Studio Apartments for 4 adults (Alfred’s Apartments) in addition to microwave ovens. In all other apartments we have microwave ovens.

    • Can we cook in the apartment? Is the kitchen equipped?

      Yes, our kitchens are fully equipped and include refrigerators, kitchen sink, stove, cutleries, toaster, kettle, coffee maker, dishware, cookware, and basic cooking utensils, and some dish cleaning supplies, like a drain rack, dish soap, a sponge and paper towels, and cabinetry.

    • Is it possible to add a baby cot in your apartment?

      Yes, you can add baby cot to your reservation. The price is EUR 20 per night. 

    • Do you have air conditioning and heating systems? How does it work?

      In most of the houses in Iceland there are no air conditioning systems, because of the cold climate, even during the summer time.  We have a heating system in all apartments and you can adjust temperature using thermostats, which you can find on all radiators. In some of our apartments heating is inside the floor. 

    • Do you have a free Wi-Fi?

      Yes. You can find Login and Password for the Wi-Fi in your apartment on the Information Sheet.

    • Do you provide washing and ironing facilities?

      Yes, all our guests have free access to the washing and drying machines and an iron. You will find detailed information about it in the Information Sheet in your apartment.

    • Do you provide shampoo?

      We do not provide shampoo, but we provide soap.

    • Do you provide towels or do I need to bring towels with me?

      We provide towels in the apartments: 1 big + 1 small towel per person + 1 towel for the floor in the bathroom.

  • Check in and Check out
    • I am going to arrive very late. Is it a problem?

      No problems at all. We will leave the keys for your apartment by the entrance and send you the code for the door.

      For our Premium apartments, in order to make the check-in process easier, our manager will be there to personally meet you and assist with the check-in

    • Can I store my luggage after the check out?

      You can leave your luggage after the check out inside the house in the common areas. You will receive detailed instructions to your email.

    • Can I leave my luggage before the check-in time?

      Yes, you can leave your luggage with us before the check in time on the check in day. We will send you detailed instructions how to store your luggage in our confirmation email.

    • Do you have a reception? Will there be someone to meet me?

      We do not have a reception, so you do not need to meet anyone when you arrive. We will send you the code for the door and you will be able to pick up the keys by yourself.

      We will send you detailed check in instructions and the code for the door to your email address. Please make sure to provide a valid email address with your reservation.

      For our Premium apartments, in order to make the check-in process easier, our manager will be there to personally meet you and assist with the check-in

    • I am planning to arrive early in the morning (before the check in time). What can I do?

      The check in time starts at 2pm. You can leave your luggage with us or in the luggage lockers across the city. 

      – If you will arrive very early, we would suggest to book an additional night in advance, so you can access your room upon arrival and have a rest.

      – As we are located in the city center, you can walk around our beautiful city and visit Harpa, Hallgrimskirkja and Sun Voyager sculpture.

      – You can go on one of the day tours or Hop On Hop Off bus.

      – Find some cozy place to have breakfast on the main shopping street Laugavegur.

      – Relax in one of our famous swimming pools.

    • What is the check in and check out times?

      As a general rule the check-in time is from 14:00 on the day of arrival and the check-out time is before 11:00 on the day of departure.

      All reservations made on this website have priority for early check in and late check out requests (based on availability and can not be guaranteed).

  • Parking and Transportation
    • What is the nearest bus stop for pick up / drop off for Airport Transfer and Tours?

      The nearest Bus stop to Alfred’s Apartments is called “9 – Snorrabraut. From Bus stop #9 Snorrabraut you can walk 5 minutes to the apartment.

      The nearest Bus stop to Alfred’s Studios and Alfred’s Premium is called “14 – Skulagata”. From Bus stop #14 Skulagata you can walk 5 minutes to the apartment.

    • What is the best way to get from the International Airport to Alfred’s Apartments / Alfred’s Studios?

      You can take a taxi from the airport. Taxis are located outside the terminal building. The average price is around ISK 20.000 per vehicle (approx. EUR 135 / USD 145).

      – We recommend a bus transfer FLYBUS+ going all the way from the International Airport to the nearest bus stop. The price for the FlyBus PLUS one way is from ISK 4500 per person (approx. EUR 30 / USD 33).

      – The nearest Bus stop to Alfred’s Apartments is called 9 – Snorrabraut”. From Bus stop 9 Snorrabraut you can walk 4 minutes to the apartment.

      – The nearest Bus stop to Alfred’s Studios and Alfred’s Premium is called “14 – Skulagata”. From Bus stop 14 Skulagata you can walk 5 minutes to the apartment.

    • Where can I park?

      To make it easier for you to find out parking options, we have gathered information for you on one page. Please visit page www.alfreds.is/parking to find information and tips about parking for our guests.